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That was some eye opening advice. Thank you, wobbly.

I have never bothered with the Beastmaster before as I thought you had to bring a corpse to research the info. Don't know why I thought a corpse was necessary, but now I see its value. 1500 to probe any monster without encountering it and using _probing or my racial power. No real danger involved.
And it looks like I need more speed / damage to stand a chance against the serpent. Oberon might be possible to kill even with my current speed and damage. I think I'll give it a shot just to see how nasty he is to fight.
My current max reforge value is 115593. The broad spear of destiny I found recently has a value of 78k, so I could reforge something twice as good as that? I just need to figure out if I choose features myself or they are chosen at random.

EDIT: Ok, I believe I understand the reforging feature now. You transfer most of the artifact value from an existing artifact to a non-ego item. The new item has a slightly lower score than the source, but may be better in terms of what features it get (and you can transfer from one item type to another turning helmets into rings and such). This explains the many annoying 'ring {average}' and 'amulet {average}' I have found throughout my games. The max reforge score / fame is the upper limit for the artifact you want to reforge.
Cool It's a better gamble than the staff/potion/scroll shop. At least for a warrior. But still a gamble.

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