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Your description sounds like most of my game past DL60. I didn't get past 14 base speed until DL96. My character have lived most of his late life in an ASC, healing from damage and only occasionally being able to kill stuff. Usually draining all charges just to kill a single unique.
And now you tell me that it gets even worse when I confront the serpent. Hooray!
Sure, anti-summoning helps a lot, but breaking LOS is still necessary in many cases. There is an awful lot of spells and breaths that eats 30%-50% of my characters HP per attack.

Well, I think I can deal with Oberon using my current setup. I need to switch away from staves and use potions and scrolls, but otherwise he is killable. I got a decent result from my first confrontation.

Afterwards I have to search for more speed and more damage before I can deal with DL100. And I probably also need to restock consumables.
1500+ damage ... not sure if I'm going to get that much, but Soulcrusher and At+1 was about 1000 vs demons, so it might not be impossible.

Thanks for the detailed description. I did see your character dump for comp 206, but these extra details are helpful when I have to figure out when I'm ready to deal with the serpent.
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