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If you have 10-15 *healing* / Life potions, this character can win just fine now. Make sure to destruct the heck out of DL100 before fighting the serpent, it makes it easier to stay out of LOS after teleport escapes. +30 base speed is more than enough.

If I were you I'd try hard to work Shiva's Avatar into your kit, +1 blow can really make a big difference damage-wise. I'm usually okay to be missing some resists in the final fight (sound, nexus I don't find particularly concerning.)

The only devices you really need are _destruct (for terraforming at the beginning of the fight) and maybe -stonetomud. Bring !speed to stay hasted and scrolls of genocide and destruction for when you need to deal with summons. You have an antisummoning amulet, so this shouldn't be a problem. Use normal !healing as much as you can to stay above 800hp, save the big heals for when you get knocked into the red.

You can stuff your inventory with other utility devices to prevent starvation -- as long as J has something to chargedrain in your inventory, you won't be hit with hunger by his melee attacks. He only starts to drain food once you're out of charges for him to munch. (This is useful to know if you get potion-gorged during the fight.)

You don't have much AC, but on the other hand you have a ton of hitpoints so it sort of evens out I guess. Antisummoning is a gamechanger in the final fight, with that you should really be fine.
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