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[Feature Request] Make 'repeat last command' only repeat in-game commands

(Big Al posted this on the bugtracker, and I have some thoughts, so I'm putting some discussion here).

Here is Big Al's original suggestion:

I use the n key a *lot* when playing (ie. repeat last command), but there are some things that should not be repeatable. Actions like 'moving the screen around', 'targeting a monster', 'viewing the help files', 'viewing the inventory', 'doing a char dump', 'doing the start of a command sequence but then canceling it', etc.

This would be immensely any many situations where eg. I'm frost-bolting a monster repeatedly, then I want to check my inventory for something and then go back to frost-bolting again. Currently, I'd need to recast and retarget the monster. It's most especially useful when I accidentally make a typo. Only "in game" actions should be repeated.
I like this idea - I had never used 'n' until recently, but it is immensely useful in repeated archery and spellcasting. That said, we'd have to be very careful: people might differ on what they think counts as an in-game command. At worst, if people find that the 'n' key doesn't always repeat what they want (or sometimes repeats things they don't want), then they'll stop using it altogether. The current usage has consistency going for it.

It does make me think of an interesting idea, however; what if, when you issued a command, there was a key that meant "do this command the way I did last time"? In other words, if the last time you fired an arrow you used f0*t5 (fired ammo inscribed with @f0 at the nearest monster), then you could press, say, f= to do the same thing. This way, even if you look at your inventory for a moment, you can still f= to fire a shot at the nearest monster. It's kind of like Angband would set up a temporary macro for any command which takes an object.

I'm not sure how hard this would be to code, or how useful people would find it, but I'll throw it out there as an idea.

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