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Originally Posted by lamdadelta View Post
What are tips and general advice for progressing into mid and then late game?

Typically I beat lonely mountain and then die to hubris. Should I go to the arena dungeon next and pick my battles? Are there other easy or must do dungeons or quests? Ironically enough my last character died to a entrance/guard monster on top of the arena.

I'm playing a burglary rogue at the moment. I'm curious to hear what peoples general goals and progression for getting into late game.
Pack enough mushrooms of cure poison and you can't die to the drolem at the Arena entrance. Mushrooms of cure poison are a really underrated item.

That character of yours who died to the drolem was easily strong enough to do Dragon Quest in Angwil (as long as he took enough mushrooms of cure poison with him to deal with the poison dragons). Dragon Quest is a really good quest to do in the midgame because it gives you both bags of experience and bags of loot. The lack of native double resistance could have been a minor problem, but potions and rogue stealth would have made up for that, or you could have made item swaps to get the resists covered.

Also, I'd say do Old Watchtower in Thalos for the wand of vampirism reward, that's a really useful midgame item.

The Arena dungeon is a relatively safe place to level up, but right after Lonely Mountain is perhaps a bit early to go there, at least for characters not as overpowered for the depth as your dead @ was. On the dead character, going there was reasonable (somewhat low HP like Mocht said, but silly speed and damage to make up for it). It was the dying where you went wrong, you should have avoided that.

Gertrude is a wimp in Compos (not so much in Frog), watch out for everybody else if you go after her though, because the open terrain of Witch Wood means you have to be constantly alert.
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