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Failed ironman journal

JOURNAL of a Kobold Mage
Ironman run with semi-aggressive diving.

EDIT (8th April 2019): Little journal I wrote back in January.

Town: Game begins with Farmer Maggot being generated. I sell my rapier and WoR scroll. Buy a broad sword for better melee. Buy 4 !CLW and 4 ?PD. 2 rations, 2 torches, cloak, 2+0 robe and 2+0 boots. That brings my account to zero. I go kill Maggot and he drops Sling of velocity (+7 +15). No money to buy iron shots so I enter Angband.
Level 1: Lucky start. The first item I find is a scroll of deep descent. Down I go.

Level 6: First monster encountered here is a purple mushroom patch. Yabba dabba doo! One magic missile raises me to CL 5. Learn every spell other than Fireball. Nothing spectacular on the level (2-2). Although Wand of Wonder, Staff of CLW and Rod of Light are good finds. Take the stairs on turn 1112

Level 7: Omens of death. Detect monsters. It shows 14 homonculi and 20 lemures. This is a true leave-ASAP level. Find stairs behind the first corner. Down on turn 1138.

Level 8: Enter 6-? level with zero mana. Kill a skeleton kobold and a scout with a help of _CLW. Find downstairs but I explore a bit. Murder few healers and a rattlesnake. CL 8, 35HP, 13SP. Treasure feeling 3. Not worth it. Descend.

Level 9: Enter a modest 2-? level with a rattlesnake and a giant red frog on sight. Killing them raises CL to 9. Screwed up with a summon trap and have surprisingly hard time with an orc shaman. I fail evoking _CLW with just 5 HP left. Sheer luck the game didn't end here because shaman managed to do only 3 dmg on his turn. Explore a bit and a panther enters a room while I'm low on SP. Fail using wonderwand and lose 2 PD scrolls. Panther dies after following me. Find a wand of hold monster and another _CLW. Find stairs. Descend. Turn 1977 (my year of birth).

Level 10: (3-?) Detect monsters show big pack of snagas and a dark elven mage. Latter can oneshot me. Read one ?MM. Elf mage has a clear path to reach me so I use one CLW charge. One room has a tengu and a red naga. Better not go there with low SP. Retreat from the starting point and get treasure feeling 6. Potential for a game-changer here. Manage to murder elven mage with a wand of wonder. He was holding amulet of searching (+3) but on the floor is a hard leather cap of intelligence <+2>. Now to murder snagas with a rod of light.
Snagas take me to CL 11 and one drops a lantern. Tough fighting outside a thief pit. Get a good stack of ?PD but lose a lot of _CLW charges. Finally leave the level. Level 6 item was a wand of dragons flame.

Level 11: Oh boy. 7-? danger level. Nothing worse than Orfax and a master yeek detected upon arrival. Kill Orfax with one dragon breath zap. He drops a longbow of accuracy. Now.. Arrows, pebbles, anything.. and I'll get this game going! Treasure level is cobwebs so I leave the place on turn 3294.

Level 12: 3-?. Wormtongue detected upon arrival. And he reaches me. Now it’s just either PD spam or kill him with dragon breath. I decide not to save him for later. Let’s see..
He drops Whip (+5 +6) *slay* orcs with resist cold. Improvement, but still a major disappointment. I'm on low HP after fighting a zombified human. I'll rest a bit for the second time. 50 turns and now I'm at 44/60 HP and 9/24 SP. Treasure feeling 1. Cast detect stairs and go down the nearest stairs on turn 3452.

Level 13: 3-? level, Drider detected. Find 19 iron shots (+5, +2) while approaching the drider. NICE! Driderspider goes down with two bullets. Find [+8] protection ring with more than one curse. Sheeeeit! Explore a bit further, cobweb level. I'll dive deeper. Stairs on turn 3617.

Level 14: Druid detected southeast and Grisnakh's gang in north. 3-? feeling. Head towards Grisnakh. His wolves engage first. Fighting them raises me to CL 15. Classic wolves hunting inside open room scenario happens. It was fun to see that happen the first time but now I'm mostly sick of it. That's a shame because the idea is good, but it just becomes boring after you've done it soooo many times.
I decide not to engage Grisnakh yet. Explore a bit west side. I find 4 more Id scrolls. That's nice, if I'll find something to use em for. Treasure feeling 2. Blah. Find stairs at 3911. Down.

Level 15: Two orc uniques here. Lotsa wolves and escorting orcs. Illusionist also here, he could (will) be trouble. Danger 4-?. Got illusionist smashing him with lightning arcs. Very important kill, if I wanna stay longer here. Dark elven priest appears while fighting wargs. He blinds me twice but eventually dies to bullets. He drops ring of rFrC. Extremely nice at this point.
Lagduf has woken up and he's after me. He's gotta go now. He drops useless quarterstaff. Trying to disarm a chest fails twice and leaves me slowed with reduced STR. DAMMIT! And right after the STR-drain, treasure feeling shows 8! It's do or die, not leaving the level until I see what's the jackpot hidden here. Or a priest book.
Found the treasure!!! Elven Cloak of Aman +22. +4 stealth and rDisen. Found in a regular four-room box vault. Outside artifacts, this is probably the best cloak I'm gonna see in this game (even if I live to see Morgy). TRUE JACKPOT! Also find rod of treasure location and (+4) searching amulet. Cherry on the top: before leaving the level, Brodda drops [7,+3] FA boots. Turn 4612, I leave the level that had game-changing loot.

Level 16: 4-? Only black orcs in sight. Free exp and minor loot. Orcs down, loot level 4. Its appears to be moria cave level. First moaning spirit here. He got two shots at my DEX score. Gonna dip deeper, turncount at 4842.

Level 17: Omens of death. 31 silver ants detected. I don't know the formula for danger feeling, but one silver ant is 6 levels out of depth. So I guess 31 qualifies as a death omen. Mugash also here.
I decide to level up somewhat killing the ants. Treasure feeling typically low for an ant pit: 3. Ruined the turncount here, it's 6111 when descending but now at CL 21. Mugash dropped firebrand Morning Star. I will be using that.

Level 18: 4-? feeling. Lots of monsters detected with a spell but nothing out-of-depth. Shambling mound being the nastiest, if it decides to scream. It dies to a fireball. No good treasures here so DOWN, DOWN I go. Turn 6286.

Level 19: Another 4-2 level. Zap some ogres and find stairs. Steps taken 6791.

Level 20: 5-? start, and my one of my least favorite Angband scenarios occurs here. That is beginning to explore a new level with a hound fight. I'm looking at 4 energy hounds and probably many more behind them. My only bolt spell is electric arc. Phase door luckily gets me away from them. Explore a bit of the east side and find lightning long sword. Drop firebrand here since I don't have elec resistance and unresisted damage is about the same with both weapons.
Kill some light hounds, lose 2 !CSW and dive deeper ar 7019.
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