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Originally Posted by roustk View Post
Have you tried a whip? It's the lightest non-bladed weapon, and thus the most likely to exploit the V combat system. I'd also make the jump to a Longbow as soon as possible.

I never use shovels in true V, but maybe Eddie's patch (no selling?) makes veins sufficiently valuable that a shovel is worthwhile.
I can only seem to get 2 blows with the troll priest. With only one blow isn't it best to go for the biggest weapon available? Unless there's another benefit to light weapons that I'm unaware of. As for shovels, they're very worth it when you can't sell, at least for the early game.

I neglected to mention that I spend my hard earned cash on phase door and !c*w, and buy ?toDam for the bow when I can afford it. Perhaps ?toHit would be a better idea?

Also, I assume that in general it's better to shoot than to melee. But maybe I should shoot for an enchanted war hammer?

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