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Originally Posted by andrewdoull View Post
I've been playing quite a bit (comparatively) of Unangband recently, for bug testing purposes, and I think, uh, I've made it quite hard.

I mean, its great that things like yellow molds, white snakes and blue jellies are now an interesting challenge for a starting player to fight.

But perhaps the starting difficulty curve is a little, uh, steep.
I've struggled with this in FA, too. I think my latest version has just about got the balance right - by removing about 60% of the monsters in wilderness. It's not quite as simple in Un because it's mostly dungeon to start with. Hard is OK as long as the player (a) can actually kill some monsters and (b) has the chance to run away from the ones they can't kill.

The other thing that I find difficult with Un is getting adequate supplies of things like Recall. I tend to wander into Farmer Maggot's dungeon, go down a couple of levels and then not know what to do. Of course, that could be just me
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