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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
I think the Farm dungeon is a nice substitute for initial diving --- you start at DL 3 and you fight a very tough guardian with potentially a very nice drop. Then, the LOTR way is quite fast, for those that like diving, and you can even skip some dungeons, if you like an even faster play.

Hard initial monsters are very unorthodox for Angband, but they are a major part of fun of some other games, like Crawl. Moreover, I think the whole "diving" thing is in part just a cure for wimpy initial monsters, so here you go...
Well it turns out that even just redistributingthe standard Angband monsters can significantly change the difficulty of the game:

I don't think I dislike the new difficulty curve; I just thought I'd comment on it. Are people happy playing chess like difficulty with 1500 pieces over a 256x256xinfinite board, where one bad move can lead to losing the game?

There are two valid concerns with hard difficulty, however. First, unfair deaths, where the player has no chance to save himself, no time to react, etc. dispite sometimes being very well prepared and playing wisely. Second, newbies, for which most deaths are unfair, because they don't know the rules.

I'm am a proponent of an even more unorthodox cure for these two problems --- delayed death (one free turn before death in one form or another), as described at
I don't disagree with this at all - in fact, I'm thinking of implementing save games as a birth option. It'll avoid save scumming by only only saving at level change, and changing the random number seed every time you die. e.g. after loading the saved game you get your equipment back, but start on a completely fresh level.

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In UnAngband, the level dives you.
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