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Ok here are my changes for items, feel free to compare to the original mapping:

- K:sword:Bastard Sword:0x8A:0xC2 (remove duplicate with katana)
- K:sword:Executioner's Sword:0x8A:0x90 (remove duplicate with zweihander)
- K:hafted:Maul:0x8A:0x93 (duplicates war hammer -- missing a tile)
- K:hafted:Great Hammer:0x8A:0xBF (remove duplicate with mighty hammer)
- K:digger:Mattock:0x87:0xC6 (hmm wasn't that the original tile?)
- K:boots:Pair of Ethereal Slippers:0x80:0xCA
- K:helm:Hard Leather Cap:0x80:0x8A
- K:cloak:Fur Cloak:0x80:0x83
- K:cloak:Elven Cloak:0x80:0x82
- K:cloak:Ethereal Cloak:0x80:0x86
- K:gloves:Set of Alchemist's Gloves:0x80:0xCB

For the monsters, could it be possible to reorder graf-dvg so that monsters appear in the same order as in monster.txt? From what I've seen, there have been many changes (spiders, ghosts...) and I'll have to take a closer look at all theses changes.
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