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the Star of Thuinolf <-4, +2, -3> {cursed}
It makes your skin harder to damage, but conduct electricity.
It paralyses you every now and then.
It makes you hallucinate sometimes.
It poisons you from time to time.
-4 searching skill.
+2 tunneling.
-3 light.
Provides immunity to acid.
Provides resistance to lightning, nexus, chaos.
Provides protection from confusion.
Cannot be harmed by fire.
Speeds regeneration.  Prevents teleportation.  Aggravates creatures nearby. 
Drains experience.  
Radius -3 light.  Cannot be refueled.

When activated, it maps the area around you.
Takes 51 to 100 turns to recharge.
Your chance of success is 57.8%

Min Level 37, Max Level 74, Generation chance 16, Power 110, 0.5 lbs
Random light of power 110.
This randart light source ABSORBS light... awesome!
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