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Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
Re: name save file. It should at least offer to use the character name so all you have to do is click enter. Is that no working?
No. Win7.

Re movement delay: Is it fast on other machines?
I'm playing with tiles on an older laptop and movement is almost instantaneous.

Your stats and options from the previous game should come up automatically. Please let me know if this is broken.
It's broken.

RE tile size: You can reduce your font to get the 75:75 and 50:50 effect.
Noop. Changing fonts and/or sizes has no effect on anything AFAICT.

For keyboards without a numpad, movement keys are centered around the 'h' key (for hold). You should be able to move with <snip>...
For the function keys, I had in mind reserving those for macros.

I may have added a few more points to my original post (including some genuine bugginess). Post #10.
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