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I don't really have an opinion on your other two suggestions, but I feel strongly about this one:

Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
2. Order of Operations: The "standard roller" method could be made more relevant and provide another source of variety if the order of character creation were changed. My thinking is that: Race should be chosen first (@ is born); standard-rolling of stats occurs (@ is born with or develops natural talents); class is chosen (@ considers their genetic gifts and natural talents to select a career). I guess, if the point-based method were chosen, one could provide for the stat plus/minus at the end.
When I play Angband, the first decision I make is what class I want to play. Class is the primary determinant of how the game plays, and race is chosen in reaction to class. If I want to play a rogue, do I want to play a super-stealthy rogue (hobbit/kobold), a silly rogue (half-troll/dwarf), or a weak one (something else)? The order of picking should be class -> race -> stats -> options.
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