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My main perspective on this is, I suppose, that I just played a bunch of O (the comp, though my character is dead and I have no plans to make a new one). O doesn't let banishment affect vault squares (though it does let it affect vault monsters who have left the vault, which can become relevant for hounds, for example. Another thing O does is have variants of point 7) on this list. Specifically the hall of eyes vault, which has 8 'e' monsters, one 'g' monster, a couple items, and a chest. Chests in O are quite valuable, they tend to be basically *Acquirement* except for a specific type of item, and frequently (for O) provide artifacts. That particular vault does not work quite so well - monster pathfinding and the nature of annoying 'e' monsters means it's essentially a question of whether or not you have TO. The vault fizzix proposes does seem rather interesting, however.

I mentioned chests earlier. They are a feature of many of the more scary vaults (generally the open ones, the ones with lots of a specific type of monster, generally a rather annoying type), They are also very valuable, and very rare outside of vaults. This has serious implications for entry 1). O vaults are high risk, and options for mitigating that risk are limited. The only real advantage O characters have in terms of mitigating risk is that scrolls of Teleport Level are available at 5. On the other hand, the reward is significant enough that I have repeatedly found myself sneaking into a vault to try and get a chest out and open it elsewhere, or to grab an item that I think could be an artifact. I did it on my comp character and found Cambeleg, and that character was a warrior with OK stealth and one charge of TO.

My final thoughts on banishment and vaults are this - vaults should be interesting for all characters, and this means simultaneously that vaults should not require banishment to crack, and not be trivialized by the existence of banishment. Perhaps it is a personal preference, but I think vaults should be about sneaking in, quickly grabbing all the interesting stuff, and running away, possibly pursued by a dragon. Hobbit-style. Not disarming the vault from outside.

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