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FAangband 2.0beta

There is now a (mostly) playable beta version of the new FAangband available here, as source and built for Windows and macOS.

This is an early stage in recreating FAangband built on Angband 4.2. It has most of the core features of FA, but some are still missing; also there are a decent number of bugs and balance issues that need attention. But it's more or less playable, and I figure having people complaining will help me fix it. In particular, there is a known (and annoying) bug where mountain levels are disconnected (workaround - leave the level and try again ).

I am aiming to release a series of betas, aiming toward a 2.0.0 release. I am also hoping that this process will identify code and gameplay improvements that can be fed back to V.

Please play, enjoy and complain
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