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This is great. It would also be cool if there were pits of one single kind of monster.

Personally I think this scheme would be ideal:

1. Every kind of monster letter can appear as a pit.
2. Demon pits (both "u" and "U" together) and color dragon pits can appear too, as they do now.
3. Priestly pits (Novice Priest, Dark Elven Priest, Priest, Troll Priest, Novice Paladin, Paladin, Knight Templar, Patriarch)
4. Magely pits (Novice Mage, Gnome Mage, Dark Elven Mage, Mage, Ogre Mage, Dark Elven Sorcerer, Sorcerer)
5. Nests of the Jelly, Animal, and Undead variety, as now.

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