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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
In my experience, as long as you're aware of the graveyard, you can stay away from it and not have the monsters come after you. This probably requires a bigger detection radius than just ESP though. In other word, the presence of a graveyard means "tread carefully, and don't teleport", not "get off the level ASAP". That's only if you get too close and everything starts chasing you. From my reading of monster.txt, "too close" is 20 tiles, the awareness range of said reavers.
I agree. I don't consider myself to be that good a player, but graveyards have never made me skip the level. if I'm feeling weak and the graveyard particularly strong, I'll just avoid it, otherwise I'll often make a plan to try to deal with it. I try and approach from the right side, pull out a few creatures at a time. get the pass-wall types out (arch-liches I often find very hard work). try not to annoy the reavers too much, pelt the inside with ball spells for the druj's etcetc.

a graveyard is a scary thing, and typically the focus of the level, but it's not an instant "run away" affair.

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