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Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
So, yeah, I think the "level feeling" coding is a bit wonky.
The level feeling code is actually quite simple; here's how it works:
  1. Each object placed on a newly generated level has it's value (as in shop price) calculated (for !Exp, that's 25000);
  2. This is boosted by 20% for every level the item is out of depth (!Experience starts at level 65, so at 15 that's boosted by 50x20% to 275000);
  3. Then this value is divided by 100, and squared (giving 7562500);
  4. Then that number is divided by the depth (giving 501466);
  5. Then all these values for the level are added up, and it's checked against a table to see which feeling it is.

Now, the bit that disturbs me is that the cut off for the 9 feeling is 160000 - so !Experience on DL15 should give a 9. If you are correct in all your details, that would indicate a bug. Are you quite sure about all the details?
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