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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
I say remove it. Abilities not changing up playstyles are boring, and it makes axes even worse than they currently are.
I like you. This is where I was trying to get to, yes. Abilities should provide variety, and genuine variety, not traps for newer players; even "challenge" build ability for more experienced players need cautious deployment so they are actually viable.

I think the fear ideas are good but some experimentation will be necessary to make fear-based victory both viable and reliant on similarly complex resource management to melee.

Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Maybe just replace or rework song of slaying altogether. It's nice thematically but awkward in practice since outside of the setpiece vaults the toughest available enemies tend to push to the front making it somewhat overkill outside of killing Morgoth/Carcaroth. Being able to challenge Morgoth to single combat (by shouting at him before tension breaks?) would be fitting as well.
Yes! It seems to be only useful in one place but practically necessary there, which feels like a bad game balance.
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