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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
It's 2% per point of Song, no? So 50%?

It probably is too high; I'm probably overcompensating for the lack of criticals (and defence) on the larger weapons. I'll start it off at 5% per lb and see how that goes.
I've been lazily working on my own Sil thing for a long time, and I added a similar ability to the melee tree that roughly checks weight x strength against some derivative of monster con (I think) and if it succeeds, it "melts" or "shatters" 1d4 of armor from the target. (Acid brand also does this with a check that is much more advantaged to the attacker, instead of causing permanent armor degradation.) This ability also works against the player, which can be exciting. It works pretty similar in feeling to DCSS' corrosion effect -- you have to rest it off.

The idea is sort of that big-weapon fighters have to wear down high-defense foes (instead of getting an advantage against them right off the bat), whereas light-weapon fighters have to bust through defense using criticals. I also planned to work in some other abilities that make stabbing a bit worse at the high end and a bit better at the low, and to be a bit more dependent on stealth to work well. There is no sharpness effect in this variant, you have to deal with armor directly.
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