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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
EDIT: every game I play CON maxes last. Are !CON potions more rare than the other stat potions?
I've also experienced a few games where one stat was way behind the others, but not always CON. But CON is always a good candidate because no class has CON as a primary stat. Usually you increase STR/DEX or STR/INT or STR/WIS (note that STR is probably never behind, as every character needs to start with a decent value to be able to carry stuff without being slowed down) at birth, because you get much more benefits from a 18/something STR/INT/WIS/DEX than CON.

Note that whenever a stat is way behind, you can use the corresponding stat swap potion to balance your stats. In your case, you could keep a few potions of toughness to bring CON back on par with the other stats. The problem is that these stat swap potions only show up early, when using them is probably not recommended because the drain could apply to a vital stat that is far from being maxed out. So you need to waste a few slots in the home to keep them until your stats are high enough.

Also remember that once a stat attains 18, quaffing a potion that increases the stat (even a stat swap potion) will yield more than 1 point, so it's always useful to keep at least one stat swap potion for that moment.
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