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Ah, Thaumaturges are an exception; they have "innate" spells that don't come from spellbooks. When you hit 'm', there should be an option like "cast a Thaumaturgy spell" or something, which lets you bring up your list of randomly-generated thaumaturgy spells. I recommend making a keymap that does "m@cast a Thaumaturgy spell\r" (subbing in the actual text of the menu option if I misremembered it), which lets you go straight to your spell list with a single keystroke.

For what it's worth, Warpers make better thaumaturgists than Thaumaturgists do. Warpers get great multipliers in several important utility realms, in exchange for a .7 multiplier in Thaumaturgy; it's a worthwhile tradeoff. However it does mean starting the game with no offensive spells, so you'd better figure out some way to get your first level. Flinging flasks of oil at monsters on the overworld can work.
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