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CyclopsSlayer - yeah, I know, I'm just collecting though for the variant I currently care most about. Once again, any other pcb derivate is more than welcome to my ideas/thoughts!

And since I'm at it, more random bits:

* Push past other monsters is missing from monster recall. Other things that I don't recall right now are as well
* I never understood why Genji and some other rare properties are not reflected directly in C - they should be
* Same goes for various mage casting bonus things and the rare/unique artifact bonuses
* Back to Ninjas - it would be nice to have the various bonus modi (backstab etc) displayed in weapon damage, together with chance (and ideally, what modifies them). Same obviously goes for other classes with similar hidden bonuses (rogues etc)
* Formerly (well, years ago) unloved chaos brand could use C weapon damage display help as well
* Display ingame what weapons work for Ninjas (and similarly restricted classes)
* Display ingame the weight limit for armor for classes that care, and percentage etc met
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