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Originally Posted by Talharim View Post
This happens because I usually fully explore the levels and I had some long fights in some places. So I shouldn't fully explore the levels? Or is it linked with my not investing most XP in Melee and Evasion?
You probably shouldn't fully explore the levels (though if you are playing a smithing focused character you may need to find every forge you can). You certainly shouldn't fight everything you see - the rewards for killing many enemies of the same type are low and you take on more risk that way. In particular if you run into whispering shadows and you cannot quickly overwhelm and destroy them you may want to abandon the level and move lower. Chasing down every last fleeing orc is less dangerous but somewhat pointless.

Not putting so many points in Melee and Evasion will also typically make fights harder and longer lasting, so this is an issue also, but in general it's secondary to picking your fights.

Bear in mind that a battle with one tough enemy whom you can retreat from is greatly preferable to being surrounded by many weak enemies. If you pick your fights so as to avoid being surrounded you will be able to survive at lower depths than you currently think possible.

Archery skill wise, Careful Shot is indeed kind of meh. Precision is better. Since you're halving enemy evasion when you shoot them instead of hitting them, multiple crits are very possible.
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