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Originally Posted by Talharim View Post
I never took archery but a little goes indeed a long way. I have 3 right now and precision and it has been almost game changing. For a pure melee how much should I use and when?
When should I be choosing abilities?
Depends on the ability. You don't need archery abilities before you have a bow or smithing abilities before you find a forge, but you will need enough XP free to buy the number of points needed for the ability at the point you need it. You can leave XP free from the starting screen.

It's possible and even relatively easy to descend to 400' without investing in more than the free abilities, though there are a number of abilities worth taking early - e.g. Keen Senses helps you pick your fights better, Hardiness buffs your armour, Power helps you hit harder, and so on. Some builds will almost require taking abilities early - Stealth builds gain a lot from Disguise, Song of Silence, etc. However, other abilities are better saved until you have equipment that suits them. Subtlety is of little use if your best weapons are two-handed, Channeling is useless without horns and staves.

It's probably worth doing a few runs where you don't invest in non-free skills at all until you're below 300', so you get more of a feel for the impact of additional Melee and Evasion and understand better what you're giving up to take skills. Your initial post shows you spending 6000 XP on skills by the time you've reached 550'; this would buy you another 4 points of evasion, which is quite a lot; another 4 on top of that would get you to throne room calibre evasion.
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