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Furthering what taptap is saying you're entering a depth where you're going to have trouble damaging a lot of things. Trouble is your setup is good at a lot of things but it's not great at anything. Too little protection to tank things. Too little damage to punch through things. Too little evasion to dodge everything. It's medium at a lot of things & too noisy to just avoid fights & that struggles without a lot of tricks. On the plus side dodging/ZOC/flanking is great if you never get caught unable to maneuver.

I'd maybe pickup sprinting which might give you some ability to get out of fights you can't win, possibly with trees to give the light to react. Trees is a real boon for high grace warriors, at the minimum 5 song you'd have an extra 2 light radius. That'll count for +2 melee/evasion & will against anything light sensity. Trolls/wraiths/vampires. You've already invested the 2 song for slaying. At 2 it'll do nothing but a small boost & a lot of noise. You've got the grace for a more singy build might as well.

A good trick for the future with skills is to do a warrior that is straight melee/evasion & learn to calculate costs in pts of melee/evasion. How much melee/evasion is this putting me behind the curve? (In a certain sense this should be accumulative for the total pts spent on skills *all game*, but I rarely calculate it that way) From where you are trees is song(3+4+5)+1000xp=2200. So less then the cost of 1 more melee/evasion for 2 light & +2 on *all rolls vs light sensitive.

Edit: Also next run try something more focused in melee/evasion like Taptap & Quirk are saying. It is a lot easier & gives a good guide to how much you should spend on skills. Just grab at most 1 skill from the tree & don't buy anything else till it's less cost then getting an extra melee or evasion.

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