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Sil graphics

I came back to the forums to see if anything has changed and find that Sil has been forked and is undergoing some development, so I'm interested again. I note that it says that graphics don't work, but the menu buttons function and I see graphics on the screen. Apparently the problem is that the items defined in the .txt files don't have correct entries in the .prf files.

I've worked with these files on other 'bands and really don't like playing with ascii so I've started to clean up graf-dvg.prf so I can play with the David Gervais tiles (my favorite). Luckily the tutorial has a lot of constant placed items and creatures, so I can confirm the images.

Has anyone compiled Sil with the Microsoft compiler? Is there a post about it here, or someone's web page? I want to put it in Visual Studio because I want a code analyzer rather than desiring to change any code.
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