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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Sorry for being slow to get round to replying to this. I haven't been around much lately; a lot going on including an unexpected stay in hospital. Got a release more or less ready to go when I have time to make a couple more tweaks and write up the changelog.

But: no, I haven't tried compiling with MSVC - and uses the seriously antiquated Borland. I have not really touched the Makefiles so far except to clean up the mingw / Cygwin one; it shouldn't be too nightmarish to make a new MSVC project but there might be a certain amount of messing round needed to get the resources working. Unfortunately I don't have MSVC on my current dev machine so probably won't be doing it myself any time soon, but I would accept any pull requests along these lines.
No problem, I can see that this forum is lightly followed, figured you'd be back eventually. I gave up on the idea of using MSVC when I found that Eclipse is quite adequate for looking at code. Are you saying that mingw and Cygwin use the same makefile? I installed mingw and would rather not have all the Cygwin system if I can avoid it.

I'm about finished fixing graf-dvg.prf. Midway through I found that the 32x32.bmp file really didn't have enough birds and bats for Sil so I switched to a file from NPP-0.5.4. The file that's been attached to Sil had replaced a lot of monsters with architecture and outdoor tiles. And, regardless of the note, 32x32.bmp is the file that the code uses, not 32x32.png. All I really need to do is revisit all the monsters and items to see if anything got messed up with the new bmp file.

The one thing I can't fix are all the potions, rings, etc. that use flavors. Whoever forked Sil from NPP (Half?) seems to have broken the connection with the graphics files. Vanilla and NPP show the correct images from flvr-dvg.prf, Sil does not. Maybe when I get the compiler set up properly I'll try to understand how all this works.
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