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Haven't played Tome for > 15 years!

I haven't played Tome or Angband for many years, but I'm laid up for a bit so downloaded both. I prefer Tome, but Angband rocks too.
I had a couple of winners aeons ago and my forgot the race, vamp sorcerer even went into the void.

I decided to go easy at first, a Thunderlord sorceror. She just hit L40 and it's super easy to clean out the first few levels of Angband. A randart +8 speed elecIMM ring is very handy.

I also started a hobbit archer who passionately hates gods and magic enough to almost not believe in them. Rushing him to L 35 with deep water monsters bc god quests don't matter. I need a better bow ASAP bc his longbow 11/10 won't do well against tougher critters.

Good to be here
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