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Gwarl will become famous soon enough
It's a zoroastrian demon

Druj, meaning “demoness,”[2] is commonly used as a prefix for Nasu and other female daevas. Druj is a feminine Avestan language word meaning “falsehood,” the opposition of asha, or “truth.”[3] Druj is the root for the adjective drəguuaṇt, meaning “owner of falsehood,” which “[designates] all beings who choose druj over asha."[3] Druj is used in various texts of the Avesta, with varying meanings. Depending upon the context, druj may be used to refer to specific demons, or as a general term for that which is false, immoral, or unclean.
Avestan druj, like its Vedic Sanskrit cousin druh, appears to derive from the PIE root *dhreugh, also continued in Persian دروغ / d[o]rūġ "lie", German Trug "fraud, deception". Old Norse draugr and Middle Irish airddrach mean "spectre, spook". The Sanskrit cognate druh means "affliction, afflicting demon".[10] In Avestan, druj- has a secondary derivation, the adjective drəguuaṇt- (Later Avestan druuaṇt-), "partisan of deception, deceiver"
So like everything else from duergar to drow it's an evil beastie who lives underground
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