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Those are fantastic; I think that might be it. I'll try to get them all included in master branch asap, and will also ask on the main development thread whether there are any things I've missed.

EDIT: OK, I've thought of a couple of four things I've missed:
  1. Traps - there are several new traps, and so there are now multiple instances of different traps sharing the same tile. Here is the file containing all the traps.
  2. There are two different types of rubble now, passable and impassable. I found a tile which was OK for it, but not really purpose-built (at least, I think that's what I did). Also, it would be nice if rubble tiles came with three levels of lighting like other terrain.
  3. Oh, and number three of two, maybe traps could have three light levels as well
  4. And one more thing, in the trap file there are also two new trap-like objects - decoys (things that rangers place to fool monsters into thinking they're the player) and spider webs.

Sorry, that was more than I thought. Did I tell you how good your tiles are?
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