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Ballistics automatically account for movement and instability of the platform, movement of the target, velocity of the shell, and gravity. There's no air resistance or wind, and the world is flat. Multiple guns firing also don't interfere with each other in the slightest (in real life your spotters would have trouble figuring out which splashes correspond to which guns, making refining of aim harder).

Games routinely simplify a lot in the name of getting completed. Considering the overall complexity of this project and the fact that I'm working solo, I have to pick and choose my battles, and detailed combat mechanics is something I decided wasn't worth focusing on. The main issue I had is that I felt like if you get detailed in one area, it becomes hard to justify not being detailed in other areas, and there are a lot of things you can be detailed about. Stuff like modeling armor penetration based on where the target ship is hit, at what angle, and the specific armor details of that ship (how heavily did they armor their turrets? Superstructure? Main belt?). Modeling how likely an ammo dump is to explode if part of the ship nearby catches on fire. Modeling the dangers of having torpedo launchers on-deck (because they might explode if hit by enemy fire). Modeling crew movement, injuries, men overboard...and because my game includes a ship designer, where to put all those crew, and the galley, bathrooms, brig, etc.

So yeah, this is a very sim-light, arcade-style game with easy controls and a lot of automation.
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