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One roguelike that has split time work well is DoomRL.
Moving, firing, reloading, and item use all have different time constraints.

Noobs will die attempting to reload a gun that takes 2 seconds
Semi-noobs die when using a medkit taking 1 second when every other action takes 0.5 seconds since they have speed perks.

After those 2 deaths, you learned the system and its all fine.

Part of the issue is +n speed being obscure to how fast something actually is. Showing energy costs somewhere would help.

So long as extra blows, extra shots, extra movement steps, and extra spellcasts all use the same system I feel like it could be intuitive and give an additional dimension to speed/power.

To avoid melee tedium with 1blow=1keypress maybe use Full Attacks when above HP warn limit?
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