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Just Can’t Win...

Playing on and off for many years. On 4.1.2 now (probably should upgrade to 4.1.3).

I get to level 35-40 pretty easy near 50% of the time and dive pretty quick per some guidance here a few years back. Lately killing Kobold Rogues. Spend lots of time ignoring stuff and sneaking around to gear up and mostly think my pace is good.

I think I’ll get there, but am very impressed by many of you who seem to create many winners. Game is so tough to keep focus. Mindless repetitive tasks followed by one or two click insta kills.

Just lost my last KR ~cLVL 35, dLVL 60 to some form of mystic that was only about 1300 EXP whilst I’d was dropping 15k dragons in 3 shots. Bumped into him in a room and before I knew it he summoned 10+ nasties including a dracolisk that finished me with a 200+ breath. Need to recall how scary mystics are. Pretty sure it was poison too which is a tad ironic.

Playing a lot on planes and my seat mates invariably think I’m “coding” or otherwise building things in a very business like manner. Funny.

Anyway, just popping in to vent and should say thanks to Nick and co - game is so solid and such a great challenge.


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