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Well that was fun. I had been teleporting Gothmog multiple times on seemingly every level since 85. The same thing happened on DL 90. Then i see Huan, coming near the far end of a looong corridor. Aha. I have Nenya, so the worst he can do is 500 shards damage. (I have 792 HP as a HE mage.) And that is at close range. So I start blasting with mana bolt, till he breathes. Teleport away and rest for mana. He has essentially infinite senses, so he always comes back from the other side of the dungeon, just when I am sufficiently rested. Rinse and repeat. Finally take him the last few rounds in melee
You poison Huan, Wolfhound of the Valar.
You have slain Huan, Wolfhound of the Valar.
On the floor:
a) the Ring of Fire 'Narya' (+2,+2) <+2,+5>
Then a little later I loot a lesser vault with a long passageway down the middle. That makes a nice corridor that Gothmog can't break... so the same thing works on him. Total consumables used, in both fights: 6 !CCW.
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