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I can't imagine it would change the problem with Mages as it is outlined in the original post?

The first change seems like a great way to discourage Mages from using devices at all (other than as mana batteries), but their current power seems to derive more from regular spellcasting. Personally I think mages should be encouraged to use devices, but that's a personal preference. If it will affect Mages, it will be in the early game, before you can reliably run fastcast, when groups of monsters can tax your mana very heavily. If the problem is that mages are too powerful in the endgame, removing their early game crutch doesn't seem correct.

The second change seems like it will make long fights a bit less straightforward, in that I imagine you will need to DDoor away before draining up to full and coming back. That said, the only situations this affects, by default, are those where
a) you need more than your mana pool to win a fight
b) you want to take that fight
c) you cannot spare !restore mana for the fight
I don't know how many of those there are, Pete Mack can probably give more information on that. Certainly there are none where it is "you need to take that fight", because a late-game Mage never needs to take any fight.
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