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It sounds like the bottom line here is "being able to throw out spells super quickly is OP." Which should not be surprising as we've known for years that rangers with extra shots are super-powered. To clamp down on this you'll either need to slow casting down, or make sure that mages can't sustain fast casting for long. Some possible ideas:

* Remove fast cast if the player moves for any reason.
* Spells cast under fast cast drain mana 2x (or 3x, etc. whatever feels right), and any form of mana recovery removes the buff.
* Fast cast drains X% (10%?) of your mana per turn while it is active.
* Fast casting temporarily reduces your INT (or, more mercifully, your max mana), with the amount of reduction increasing as long as fast cast is active and gradually recovering when it is not.
* The degree to which fast cast increases casting speed starts out small, increases with each turn spent casting a spell, and resets if you do any non-spellcasting action.
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