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Monster knowledge menu - bug

Yeeks aren't listed as a category in the monster knowledge list; Boldor and Orfax show up in the Uniques list, but there's no 'y' category for them to show up in, nor do brown, blue or master yeeks show up anywhere (in 3.0.9 at any rate, I haven't yet downloaded 3.1.0)

Also, I need someone to check if Ring Mimics and Chest mimics show up where they should, in the Mimics category; they're not on my list where I've just finished a game, but it is possible I've managed to win without encountering a single one of either type!

I shall have some comments and queries on this monster knowledge menu with reference to the User Manual. I am back working on this after a hiatus due to a) boredom because working the monster spoiler bit was so tedious and b) being absorbed in a sequence of good characters which culminated in the aforementioned, and first ever for me, win.

Now, how dare Andrew go and change things while I'm otherwise occupied - lots of manual work to do now
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