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Originally Posted by JamesDoyle View Post
Yeeks aren't listed as a category in the monster knowledge list; Boldor and Orfax show up in the Uniques list, but there's no 'y' category for them to show up in, nor do brown, blue or master yeeks show up anywhere (in 3.0.9 at any rate, I haven't yet downloaded 3.1.0)

Also, I need someone to check if Ring Mimics and Chest mimics show up where they should, in the Mimics category; they're not on my list where I've just finished a game, but it is possible I've managed to win without encountering a single one of either type!
Yeeks were added to the list just a few days ago in dev.

I rolled up a debug char and auto-generated complete monster info though - no ring or chest mimics there, so that is a bug. Only lurkers, trappers, scroll, potion and the various coin mimics.
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