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Keep an eye out for magical daggers, rapiers, main gauches, etc. Against evil enemies your bastard sword is probably pretty good, but you might do better if the dagger has large bonuses (because you'll get 2-3 swings).

Also, if you see any scrolls to +tohit or +dmg you should try to get your bow to +9/+9... you will notice a significant improvement for every +1 to damage. If I saw them and needed money I would probably sell some of those wands to get the cash to do it (esp. stinking cloud and wonder... sleep can be a good way to flee from swarms of weaker monsters). EDIT: Eddie beat me to the punch on this one.

Finally, make sure you're carrying around a lot of phase door (I usually carry 20-30) and try to buy _teleport, ?teleport and ?teleLevel as soon as you can.

Good luck!
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