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For comparison's sake:

Bastard Sword of Slay Evil (3d4) (+6, +2):
* Against a normal enemy does an average of 9.5 damage per hit.
* Against an evil enemy does an average of 17 damage per hit (the base dice get multiplied, but not the plus to-dam)
* You probably only get 1 blow per round with this weapon. Thus, enchanting its to-damage bonus will give you 1 extra damage per round.

Dagger (1d4) (+5, +5):
* Against all enemies does an average of 7.5 damage per hit.
* Depending on your STR and DEX stats, you might get multiple attacks with this weapon (conceivably as high as 4 per round if you seriously optimized these stats at character creation). Thus, increasing its to-dam rating gives you up to 4 extra damage per round. (Note that at (+0, +0) the weapon deals an average of 2.5 damage/round)

Long Bow (x3) (+0, +0) with Arrow (1d4) (+0, +0):
* Deals an average of 7.5 damage per shot.
Long Bow (x3) (+0, +9) with Arrow (1d4) (+0, +0):
* Deals an average of (2.5 + 9) * 3 = 34.5 damage per shot.
Long Bow (x3) (+0, +9) with Arrow of Slay Undead (1d4) (+0, +9) against an undead target:
* Deals an average of (2.5 + 18) * 3 * 3 = 184.5 damage per shot.

In other words, damage bonuses from the projectile and the bow are added to the damage from the projectile's damage dice, and then the damage is multiplied by the launcher's multiplier, and then any slays on the projectile multiply the result. This is in contrast to melee weapons, where slays apply only to the damage dice, and your multiplier comes from getting additional blows per round.

As a general rule, your first goal should be to get your multiplier higher (increase blows/round, increase launcher multiplier). Then you should try to increase your damage per hit, and your chance to hit.
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