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I definitely think that the display should always be sorted. Always having spellbooks at the top of the list, followed by potions and scrolls (um, food goes in there somewhere...whatever) is important. As for whether or not the visual display should correspond to the letters is a different matter, but personally I think that should also stay. My reasoning is twofold:

1) It makes it easier to deal with a series of items. If, for example, I'm sorting through the weapons I've just picked up, and the first weapon is in slot 'p', then I know that I can check the item in slot 'p', decide to chuck it, check the next weapon, which is now in slot 'p', decide to chuck it, check the next weapon in slot 'p', decide to keep it, check the next weapon in slot 'q', and so on. If your inventory didn't get resorted as you pick up and drop new items, then very rapidly the letters next to items in inventory would have absolutely nothing to do with their order in the visual list, which would render this approach pointless.

2) It's easier on newbies who need to do repetitive actions and haven't learned to use the macro system yet. They can easily train their muscle memory to type 'mad' and 'mcf' and so on, and that will work for every spellcaster they play regardless of when they get their books. With a non-sorting inventory, each spellcaster has to learn where their spellbooks go each time -- and worse, if they happen to lose one of their spellbooks temporarily, when they get it back it'll be in a new slot.

What does a non-sorting inventory gain us?

Incidentally, I agree with your reasoning about the phantom slot. If you're forced to drop something, it should be the item that you tried to stick into an overfull pack, not the notional "last" item in said pack.
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