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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
2) It's easier on newbies who need to do repetitive actions and haven't learned to use the macro system yet. They can easily train their muscle memory to type 'mad' and 'mcf' and so on, and that will work for every spellcaster they play regardless of when they get their books. With a non-sorting inventory, each spellcaster has to learn where their spellbooks go each time -- and worse, if they happen to lose one of their spellbooks temporarily, when they get it back it'll be in a new slot.

What does a non-sorting inventory gain us?
For one thing, it gets you what you want in (2), which currently IS NOT TRUE. If your (a) book gets burnt, the others move, and muscle memory results in casting the wrong spell. Or if you get book four before you get book three, etc. With unsorted inventory, you can [and the code should by default] assign forced slots to particular items, guaranteeing that the third book is in slot (c) if present, and no other usable book is ever in slot (c).

Unsorted inventory is easier on newbies than sorted inventory in this case.
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