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Originally Posted by PowerDiver View Post
How about a change to the item selection hook so that, say, ',' means to use an item that has not previously been tried [unless it has a !use modifier]? So when I find the stairs, I can repeatedly 'r' ',' to test all the new scrolls in my pack. When you collect a bunch of wieldables from a pit, 'w' ',' to try each in turn. Perhaps there should be both ',' and '.' with the difference being one is safe and only wields pseudoed non-cursed items, and the other also wields jewelry and non-pseudoed stuff.

I've never thought about this before, so it may have some glaring flaws, but I think it would be useful.
Huh, I'd use that. It would be easy to keep one from drinking the last !CCW when there is an unid potion below it. Also it supports the shift to pseudo id that has happened.
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