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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Soulkeeper and Himring are both pretty rare, and even Dal-i-thalion is no gimme--Narya was by far the most common source.
But not Carcharoth--he really pounded me, before I realized that Narya no longer protects so well against him.
I just double-checked my last winner (slow Half-Troll Mage). I did find all three, but they were pretty deep. Found Himring in a vault at 3350', but couldn't afford to lose Caspanion. Eventually covered Nether at 3950' using a Shield of Deflection of Preservation. Got Soulkeeper from Lungorthin at 4350' and started using it. Dal-i-thalion was dropped by Carcharoth at 4500'.

For some reason I was remembering Dal-i-thalion as being common enough earlier that I'd see it with early speed boots. Maybe I just had a run of lucky characters when I was last playing seriously (2.7.9 era). Of course, this last winner matched my memory as well -- *never* found boots of speed (wore Boots of Stability until finding Thror at about 3600').

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