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The main thing that it comes down to other than the finer details on direct gameplay is the enticement factor for new players/modders to do their thing. Current frontrunners in that regard would be Tales of Maj'Eyal with the modular T-Engine 4, hopefully soon joining Legend of Siegfried in a modular form but not going with ToME4's Lua, and I guess the latest darkhorse in the form of X@COM RL that just recently gained modding capabilities----but has seen seen formidable dev pace on the subject.

For Pyrel and whatnot to take on the mantle, reckonings will need to be had on what the next steps forward are, as it is an entirely different landscape versus the classic days when the *BAND experience was very much a defining thing in the whole of the Roguelike menagerie for years and years. The obvious answers is to steal any and all good general ideas from all the existing variants and mega-variants, defunct and otherwise---but even all that only goes so far.

For instance, prompted by the latest episode of Roguelike Radio, a certain Regular Combatant over on T4's end of things got to thinking about Vector support on the graphical/fonty side of things---with the current state of that being not-anticipated and quite possibly none too easy a feature to implement at this stage of the engine so far along.

In other words, there needs to be blood on that edge for best effect as opposed to just a perceived sharpness.
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