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Originally Posted by scud View Post
When I do look at the 'chance to hit' I'm always surprised at how little difference is made by magical enhancement...

Bare-handed (+21 to hit) I've a 53% chance of hitting a greater bogroll (AC210)
With my +14 weapon (so +35) it rises to 59%
Add a ring with +7 (so +42) it's 62%

Seems very marginal to me.

But that's a different thread altogether.

Heh, we tend to drift a lot so it's ok. Most of this comes from a basic design principal in angband that "you should hit most of the time." and "battles should take multiple rounds." So, the difference from going to 53% to 62% results in roughly a 20% increase in damage over the course of battle. A 10 round battle might last 8 rounds. That might mean that you need to use less healing or have a lower chance of suffering a negative effect.
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