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The 'l' key not working has happened to me too, don't know why. It went away after a while.
The Mouth is not killable by normal means, you have to kill 11 of the slimy crawlers it spawns. It's really kind of easy if you know how. The explanation of this is not immediately obvious, though.
The old forest is intended to be mostly easy, at least until you meet the boss.
Level 18 creatures aren't necessarily hard to kill, it depends on what skills they have. Almost everything behaves like PCs in abilities.
The bandit quest was easy because you are a berserker. Berserkers can take a lot of punishment, and will give it back. Mages and archers have more trouble. The boss and his four friends were the game telling you that you need to move around the map, kill minor enemies, heal up, and then kill the boss.
Try the tome wiki for advice on where to go, and when. Fizzix of this forum made an excellent playthrough with a cornac cursed. Cursed are not availible immediately, but can be unlocked by a level 10 character.
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