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1) Mormegil is not useful. There are other cursed items that can be (including at least one quite powerful weapon.)

2) It means that a priest can wield it without penalties, even though it is pointy.

3) Yep.

4) Yes, though that's assuming that all the blows hit (so high +to_hit is a factor, though a much smaller one than +to_dam). There are also criticals to consider. Heavier weapons get more criticals, and this can be a factor, though it's not generally a huge one.

5) This depends a bit- for instance if you are wearing a big ring of damage the weapons with extra blows get a lot better. And it depends a lot on what you're fighting- the Glaive of Pain, for instance, is great against angels since they resist everything. There is (or used to be) an online damage calculator somewhere you can probably google up that will break it down for you based on what slays/brands take effect, including the effects of criticals, etc. Some of those weapons are obviously not in contention- Osondir, for instance, is not going to do much damage. Is there a full current dump of your character anywhere?

Also, I think the non-priestly penalty is likely to matter to you. Check your failure rates with and without a non-priestly weapon.

EDIT: doh, you posted a dump. Sorry, I'm a bit slow today- I'll have a look at it. Or I guess you added that after I posted, and removed the line about the weapon penalties? I hope so cause I was really wondering whether or not I should just get some sleep for a minute there.

OK, so if we ignore the issue of failure rates and ignore criticals (and if we assume I've done the math right, which is a slightly dodgy assumption as I'm pretty tired and had to recalculate a few of these when I realized that, for instance, it was very unlikely that Mundwine would do 396 vs Demons. And in fact I forgot to add in your strength bonus at first, and added it in at the end. Thought those numbers looked a bit low.)

Glaive does average of 294 damage.

Haradekket does: 174, 210 against evil, 246 against undead

Orcrist: 132, 156 vs evil, 180 vs orc/frost, 228 vs dragon

Crisdurian: 172, 220 vs evil, 268 vs orc/troll/giant/dragon

Mundwine: 170, 224 vs evil, 278 vs demons

Anyway, you get the picture. Glaive of Pain is, based purely on damage, the best by quite a bit. It will also do pretty well on criticals. But, if you had enough +to_dam the +2 blows weapons would get pretty competitive, particularly Haradekket's nice damage against undead.

But, 0% fail is really hugely important. It's the best thing about playing a pure spellcaster, so I'd be loathe to give it up just to do more damage. Priests have less need to do big damage than any other class as they can stay in combat a long time if they have enough mana to heal a lot.

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