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Originally Posted by Wraitheist View Post
Thanks! This is, by far, my best character ever. Before this, my best character only made it to '3600. And before that, none ever went beyond stat gain.
Well, be very careful then. I lost my first character that should have won to overconfidence and a lack of experience. Twas pretty frustrating, but I think it's a not uncommon experience.

Originally Posted by Wraitheist View Post
As for monsters to hunt, I've been going after Ice Wyrms and Hell Wryms since they drop nice stuff and I can double-resist on them. What kind of attacks do Swamp Wyrms have? And do Bile Demons summon? I've noticed that most demons tend to summon, which is a major pain for me. Any other monsters I should make a point to kill when i see them?
Yep, really any Wyrm that doesn't pose much threat should be high on your agenda. Swamp Wyrms breathe acid- you are immune to acid. Therefore they pose almost no threat to you. A black dragon pit would be a nice find for you at this point. Bile Demons have Acid and Poison as their main attacks, so again, having Thorin makes them less dangerous. There's a more general point here- you don't have to be all-around strong as long as you are strong against something that's worth killing and you can survive at the depth where that something is found.

But Bile Demons do summon, so you should definitely be ready to bail if things look like they are going to go south. And actually, you might not be able to kill them fast enough to prevent them from summoning so frequently that they're not worth dealing with. Definitely try to fight them in cramped quarters where they don't have a lot of spaces to summon in. You lack rShards, and there are some Demons with pretty big shard attacks, so you want to be quite careful about that.

Basically, you want to concentrate on killing stuff with the DROP_GOOD flag that isn't dangerous to you. If you pop open the monster file and search for DROP_GOOD you'll see what has that flag (Bile Demons and Wyrms have it.)`

EDIT: Ack, don't know what I'm thinking... I mean Bile Wyrms, not Swamp Wyrms. Swamp Wyrms breathe poison. Sorry about that.

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